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Re-wilding, regeneration of native forests, re-learning of traditional skills as well as the renovation and re-purposing of redundant historic buildings are some examples our CEO Finlay Lockie continues to work on at his home near Edinburgh.

Trees planted by Finlay as a child in the 1960’s and 1970s in Roslin Glen, near Edinburgh and later in Peeblesshire with his father, are now over 50 feet high. The effects of such projects can be seen to go much farther than the narrow aim of reducing mankind’s net carbon emissions.

For Bring Diamonds, it is important that our company reflects a well-informed and open-minded approach to sustainability. To us, this means we should be better than a mere adding up of carbon emitted and carbon sequestered (or worse, mere offset by a financial instrument).

What we seek is to establish – as part of our efforts to be carbon neutral and better – is therefore an honest and integrated strategy for sustainability for our company;  one in which more than one significant and demonstrable benefit will flow. So rather than simply buying a carbon offset, we want to support – directly where possible – projects which themselves are the enablers of other sustainable and environmentally beneficial activities.

Here we make a start on our Bring Diamonds forest located at Drummohr near Edinburgh. The first few trees have been planted and we hope to ‘supercharge’ the efforts of our founder Finlay by using a proportion of the profits made from sale of our diamonds to support such things as integrated power and heating systems, and organic micro-green production.

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