At its very essence a diamond symbolises enduring love. However, more people are waking up to the paradox that such a symbol is, in many cases, associated with damage to our fragile planet. Extractive industries are not inherently sustainable, nor are processes which rely on the use of vast amounts of energy generated from fossil fuels.


As care for our planet and its inhabitants becomes a global priority, the future of the traditional diamond industry is coming under increased scrutiny. We look to the future: we invite scrutiny and welcome visitors to meet us and our team and to see what we do.


For many conscientious and environmentally motivated customers, pollution, destruction and secrecy in the diamond industry simply no longer match their own values. We offer a choice and celebrate the diversity of ideals for forward-looking consumers.


Bring Diamonds offers a solution without compromise. Our laboratory-grown diamonds honour the timeless processes of our universe to create a gem that encapsulates integrity, hope and a commitment to do better for future generations.

Our Guarantee


Having total control and clarity over our process and supply chain, we are proud to say that our diamonds will always be:

* Conflict free

* Corruption free

* Produced without slavery, child labour or other exploitation

* Made in excellent working conditions


Our process is one of creation, in contrast to depletion. We seek to ensure that:

* Our overall operations are carbon neutral or better

* We do not destroy or compromise wildlife habitats, flora or fauna

* We support wildlife and environmental charities, with particular emphasis on forest creation

* We constantly seek to move towards zero pollution



    Is to make Bring Diamonds the most desirable and trusted brand, our diamonds worn with pride as a true symbol of love and compassion.


    Our mission is to create highly desirable laboratory-grown diamonds that encapsulate our commitment to provide a new standard of pioneering, transparent and conscientiously created man-made diamonds while giving our customers a superior experience.


    * Be trustworthy in character and competence

    * Be proud of our product

    * Be committed to positive change

    * Do no harm

    * Build valuable and lasting relationships

    * Deliver what we say we will

    * Be friendly, accessible, collaborative and flexible.



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