Why BRING Diamonds?



At its very essence a diamond represents love. However, more people are waking up to the paradox of how this symbol of love has also caused so much suffering.


As care for our planet and its inhabitants becomes a global priority, the ethics of the traditional diamond industry are coming under increasing scrutiny.


For many conscious and environmentally motivated high net worth individuals, the values of the traditional mined diamond industry simply no longer match their own.


Bring Diamonds offers a solution without compromise. Our lab grown diamonds honour the timeless processes of our universe to create a gem that encapsulates integrity, hope and a commitment to do better for future generations.

Our Guarantee

Ethical Diamonds

Having total control and clarity over our process and supply chain, we are proud to say that our diamonds will always be:

* Conflict free

* Free from the constraints of cartel pricing
* Corruption free
* Produced without slavery, child labour or other exploitation

* Made in excellent working conditions


Our process is creation, in contrast to depletion.

We ensure this by: 

* Being carbon neutral or better

* Supporting not destroying wildlife habitats,

flora and fauna
* Supporting not displacing wildlife or communities
* Targeting zero pollution 

    Giving Back

    As a responsible UK company we are committed to supporting charities that make our planet a better place to live for all and will publish such charities in our platforms. This allows you and customers to see the positive changes that result from purchasing Bring Diamonds. 


    * Be trustworthy in character and competence
    * Be proud of our product
    * Be committed to positive change 
    * Do no harm
    * Build valuable lasting relationships
    * Deliver what we say we will

    * Be friendly, accessible, collaborative, flexible and helpful



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