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About Us

Bring Diamonds lab is owned and operated in the UK by a team of professionals with a long history of delivering ethical and sustainable projects.

Being based in the UK means that 54% of our energy is already produced using low-carbon energy sources. This percentage is further increased by our on-site solar power. We will continue to improve and find ways to support the development of better energy sources.

We also reduce greenhouse gas emissions via carbon offsets, directly planting trees and supporting woodland charities such as the Woodland Trust.

We support wider conservation projects to help ensure zero pollution, the reuse of recycling materials and to protect the environment and its inhabitants. 

Our Story


A Nuclear Physicist, a Chemical Engineer and an Entrepreneurial Conservationist came together in 2018, each with their own unique skills to share one crystal clear ambition: to cultivate the world’s most beautiful diamonds - diamonds as perfect as the universe itself creates.


Sustainable and ethical projects our team has led:

Clean nuclear power
Clean technology for power-stations
Cleaning and 'making safe' legacy nuclear sites  
Repurposing historic buildings 
Cleaning up our seas after O&G assets
Producing energy from waste 
Advancing carbon capture and storage


Long before extreme heat and pressure in the earth came to bear, diamond material was being created in the universe. This may be why diamonds are discovered on meteors and why there is a planet made of diamond called Cancri 55.  


In a few months our unique theory has played a hugely significant part in enabling us to establish the perfect conditions in which we can grow diamonds of real individuality and beauty.



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